Orthodontic Seminars Of California

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Dr Larry brown                 ORTHODONTIC SEMINARS OF CALIFORNIA, Dr Larry Brown


The Orthodontic Training Program is a comprehensive series of orthodontic seminars for the general dentist and for the orthodontist on how to use the Straight Wire Appliance (SWA).

This complete program will enable the participant to learn the Art of Modern Orthodontics: that is the ability to recognize orthodontic problems as they develop in their own patients, to properly diagnose and then to treat these patients to the highest orthodontic and esthetic standards.

The SWA (and variations thereof) is the most popular fixed orthodontic appliance used today. With this appliance the dentist has absolute control of the orthodontic treatment.

Using Dr Brown’s system, you will be able to obtain for your patients:

  • an esthetic harmony of the face, lips, jaws and teeth
  • a treatment of most younger patients without extracting teeth by using “Growth Modification”
  • an optimal occlusion
  • a beautiful, pleasing smile and facial appearance

For younger patients, Dr Brown teaches the use of the SWA as a “Fixed Functional Appliance”: that is by working in harmony with nature and by employing the gentlest force systems possible, the doctor can correct soft tissue dysfunctions as well as CLII and CLIII skeletal dysfunctions. In this manner the treating doctor can obtain a beautiful esthetic result as well as an optimal occlusion.

With Dr. Brown’s system, “removable functional appliance therapy”, which forces the mandible forward or backward in an un-natural manner and is quite often unsuccessful due to the inherent limitations in these types of appliances (as well as the lack of patient compliance), is not needed nor used.

Adult treatments: extraction, non-extraction and surgical treatments will be addressed. The participant doctors will as well learn how to combine orthodontics with restorative/prosthetic/implant treatments by using comprehensive orthodontic treatment beforehand so as to obtain a superior restorative/esthetic result.

Dr. Brown has organized the Orthodontic Training Program so that even participants with no prior knowledge of orthodontics and/or the SWA will be able to gain the practical knowledge, confidence and experience needed to treat patients of all ages.

The course is also valuable for the doctor who already practices orthodontics but does not fully understand all aspects of SWA orthodontic treatment and who wishes to learn the “straight wire system” of Dr. Brown, which will enable high quality, consistent results.

Dr. Brown is from San Diego, California (the birthplace of the Straight Wire Appliance). He has used the Straight Wire Appliance for 30 years and has been teaching the Art of Modern Orthodontics to dentists for 15 years.

Over 3000 doctors in Europe and North Africa have followed the complete Orthodontic Training Program.