Due to Coronavirus: NEW DATES for SESSION 5 for GROUP 15 (the course that started SEPTEMBER 28-30, 2019): Orthodontic Training Seminars of California, Dr. Larry Brown

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Dr. Brown provides personal consultation for the course participants.

Orthodontic Seminars of California, Dr. Larry Brown
To be announced
Sa 6 Mar 2021
Di 7 Mar 2021
Lu 8 Mar 2021

   Orthodontic Treatment for Children and Adults Using the Straight Wire Appliance  

The course consists of 5 separate, three-day sessions (15 days total) 

Due to the Coronavirus and for the safety of all, the dates have been changed for SESSION 5 (see program below). Unfortunately these dates are provisional due to the Corona Virus regulations

Program Schedule: Sessions 5 

Location:  To be announced in Warszawa, Poland 

Dates (Thurs, Fri, Sat): 

Session 5:   March 6, 7, 8   2021 (Sat, Sun, Mon)

Hours each day for the 3-days: 1st day: 9:30 to 17:15; 2nd day: 9 to 17; 3rd day: 9 to 16. 

Session 5 Provisionally: March 6, 7, 8   2021 (Sat, Sun, Mon)    

Day 1

Molar distalization

Molar distalisation using intra-oral fixed appliances:

  • The fixed, palatal-plate, anchorage appliance system: laboratory made, uses +300 gram molar distalizing springs along with a palatal anchorage plate that provides anchorage against the reactionary forces of the springs.
  • Mini-screws/implants which give “skeletal or boney anchorage” against the reactionary forces in a molar distalizing system that uses: the SWA and 300gram NiTi O-C springs compressed with Lock-stops.
  • The sliding yoke activated by CLII elastics or 200gr closed-coil spring as a molar distalizing system
  • Molar distalizers using O-C spring, lock-stops and CLII elastics.

Molar distalisation: extra-oral:

  • Headgear (The Cervical HG and the Combi HG) combined together with the intra-oral HA NiTi transpalatal expander.

Clinical case presentations demonstrating the use of all of the above techniques.

Workshop on the typodont

  • Sliding Yoke distalizer:

Discussion, instruction, biomechanics, video presentation and live demonstration on the usage and placement of the sliding yoke for molar distalization in late mixed dentition cases.

  • For the workshop: the sliding yoke will be made using a loop-bending pliers and weinghardt pliers to bend a piece of 16x16 heat treatable steel wire into a yoke. Videos of this procedure will be provided/given to course participants. The wire will be provided for the workshop, but participants need to purchase the loop-bending pliers for this exercise.

Demonstration and protocol for the adjustment of Head Gear (HG) (face-bow, head-caps/neck straps).

  • The principles and biomechanics of HG.

Workshop on Typodont with demonstrations:

(The participants must have the correct pliers to do the exercise)

  • Step-up step-down bends.
  • Step-in step-out bends.
  • Demonstration of Self-ligating brackets 

Day 2:


Comprehensive Adult Treatment

Non-extraction Adult treatment

  • How to “visualize a good result” when presented with difficult cases
  • Beware of the “Traps” that must be avoided: the cases with underlying skeletal situations that can land a practitioner in a difficult treatment situation.

Adult orthodontics: Orthodontic preparation of adult cases before restorative dental treatment (crowns/veneers, bridges, implants) to enable superior final restorative results that cannot be obtained without using orthodontic treatment first.

Case presentation:

  • Adult non-extraction and extraction cases will be analyzed. 

Tooth Slenderizing, slicing and stripping

  • This can be used occasionally in place of extractions in borderline “extraction/non-extraction” situations as well as for camouflage treatment for mild CLIII and CLII adolescent and adult cases. Or used in maxillary mid-line correction.
  • Is used instead of premolar extractions to gain up to 3.5mm of space per quadrant.

Case presentation:

Difficult clinical cases will be analyzed using Slicing and Stripping in “problem solving”. 

Day 3:


Analysis of the Orthodontic Mini-screw used for different types of “temporary boney anchorage” for different types of tooth movements including the very difficult molar intrusion.

  • Pluses and the minuses of mini-screws (also known as TADs: Temporary Anchorage Device).

“Self- ligating” brackets: clinical cases demonstrating:

  • Pluses and the negatives of these brackets
  • “Passive” versus “active” philosophies

Using Bite Ramps

  • In CLII division II deep bite cases: used to open the bite for early bracketing of the lower arch. At the same time during the beginning leveling phase, they also aid in advancement of the mandible for an early orthopedic correction of CLII cases with deep bite.
  • Other uses of Bite Ramps for difficult situations such as for scissor-bite corrections.

Case presentation: cases showing the above topics 

The final phase of treatment.

Workshop demonstrations:

  • Removing the appliance
  • The placement of the “Fixed lingual retainer wire”

Review and questions

Information on the Orthodontic Training Seminars:  

-Price per session (includes coffee breaks and Gourmet Lunch at the Hotel Intercontinental): 2690pln. 

There is a reduced price for payment in full of 2590pln which applies if made:

1. Within two weeks from the inscription date (applies to the session 1 only)

2. No later than four weeks prior the course date (applies to the sessions 2 – 5)..

-For doctors repeating a "3-day session" the price is 2450pln.

-For university students in the Larry Brown Orthodontic Club the price is 2350pln. 

-The reduced fee for the Typodont and the basic workshop materials for the entire course is 250pln – this does not include the Heat-activated NiTi Trans Palatal Appliance nor a pre-formed Sliding Yoke. The 250pln amount will be reimbursed to the doctors once all 5 sessions of the Training Seminars are completed by the participant.

-The Heat-activated NiTi Tansplalatal Appliance is used in the 3rd session workshop: these are “lent out” and shared amongst the doctors during the workshops. A participant may as well purchase a new appliance for the workshop and keep it for use later on a patient. The price of the transpalatal appliance is 44€.

-All orthodontic instruments should be purchased as needed ahead of each session in order to be able to truly participate in the workshops (and of course later for patient treatments). As a service to our course participants, these are available from www.LBOrthodontics.com at much reduced prices to make it easier to get started in orthodontics. If you have questions about what instruments you need to bring or about the pricing, please call +48 34 3663 595.  For further information on instruments, contact www.LBOrthodontics.com.  

Once ordered, the instruments will be delivered at the beginning of the first session. Instruments and orthodontic materials that are used in the system of Dr. Larry Brown can always be ordered at the course or on-line

-It is highly recommended that each participant purchase the orthodontic textbook: The Art of Modern Orthodontics by Dr. Larry Brown. This 700 page book should be read and used by each doctor as an accompaniment to the Orthodontic Training Seminars and for future reference in the years to come. It is the only book available that provides extensive and time tested knowledge about all aspects of everyday treatments when using the SWAppliance system of Dr. Brown. The price is reduced for all who follow the courses of Dr. Brown. 

Information and inscriptions:  To inscribe or for further information in English or in Polish contact Rajmund Chmielewski: info@LBOrthodontics.com tel: +48 602 717 358

Contact Dr. Larry Brown at dr.larry.brown@belgacom.net