Dr. Larry Brown was born in Los Angeles, California where he studied at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and received diplomas of Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Dental Surgery. 

Orthodontic Seminars of California, Dr. Larry Brown

Bio of Dr. Larry Brown

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Dr. Larry Brown was born in Los Angeles, California where he studied at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and received diplomas of Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Dental Surgery. 

After graduation, he practiced for 3 years as a children’s dentist, learning during this time the protocol for orthodontic treatments using Removable Functional Appliances. 

In 1983, in San Diego, California (the birthplace of the Straight Wire Appliance) he received his certificate for successfully completing his Orthodontic studies, specializing in the Straight Wire Appliance (SWA). 

In private practice in San Diego, Dr. Brown gained vast clinical and practical experience in the use of the SWA. He particularly enjoyed doing “Esthetic Dentistry”: that is treating the patient first with SWA orthodontics followed by the use of porcelain bonded veneers and crowns, composite restorations and tooth whitening. 

Today, Dr. Brown uses his 35 years of experience in a consultation and advice capacity in order to educate practitioners who desire orthodontic training, as well as to provide organizational help in their offices so they can optimize the quality of orthodontic care provided to their patients.  

The “Orthodontic Seminars of California, Dr. Larry Brown” has been developed as a means to help more dentists learn the Art of Modern Orthodontics. This is an Orthodontic Training program that is presented as a series of 5 separate 3-day orthodontic courses over a 12 month period. 

In Addition there are Level II Seminars in which the education is continued with more advanced topics. As well, individual training is given in “problem solving” and in the correct finishing of the participants clinical cases. These courses are available to practitioners who are already practicing orthodontics. The Level II series consists of 4 sessions of 2 days each.  

Dentists from around Europe have followed the training seminars and are now using Dr. Brown’s system. 

Lectures are presented in English or in French. For all lectures by Dr. Brown in Poland, there is consecutive translation from English to Polish. 

Dr. Izabela Pietruczuk, from Gdansk, has joined Dr. Brown as a lecturer. Dr Pietruczuk has 20 years experience in orthodontics and uses exclusively Dr. Brown's system of orthodontic therapy. She as well has her own very innovative, up to date ideas and will present the lectures in Polish (or English i needed).  

“Dr. Brown presents an extremely efficient course on the Straight Wire Appliance. Using modern audiovisual aides, he educates using a step by step, month by month analysis of many actual clinical cases. The “workshop exercises” on the typodont are very good and the personal help he provides in the diagnosing and treatment planning of my cases is priceless. This course is definitely worth following and my own clinical results on my patients are excellent.”

Dr. Patrick De Dycker, 7860 Lesines, Belgium.