The Orthodontic Training Team includes : Mr. Rajmund Chmielewski, Dr. Marta Breczko, Dr. Izabela Pietruczuk, Dr. Weronika Wojciechowska, Dr. Larry Brown,  Dr. Agata Czajka-Jakubowska (not in photo).

Orthodontic Seminars of California, Dr. Larry Brown

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Orthodontic courses

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  By joining the Larry Brown Orthodontic Club, each member receives substantial discounts for all courses as well as for all orthodontic...
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Warszawa - Poland
   Orthodontic Treatment for Children and Adults Using the Straight Wire Appliance The course consists of 5 separate, three-day sessions (...
Fri 21 Apr 2023
Sat 22 Apr 2023
Sun 23 Apr 2023
Fri 2 Jun 2023
Sat 3 Jun 2023
Sun 4 Jun 2023
Fri 13 Oct 2023
Sat 14 Oct 2023
Sun 15 Oct 2023
Fri 24 Nov 2023
Sat 25 Nov 2023
Sun 26 Nov 2023
Sat 6 Jan 2024
Sun 7 Jan 2024
Mon 8 Jan 2024
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Warszawa - Poland
Personal consultations of Orthodontic Treatments in Warszawa With Dr. Brown in English or with Polish translation:  Friday November 18,...
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Warszawa - Poland
Updated Level II, 2 year program with 5 separate, 2-day sessions. 2 sessions are held per year, 1 course about every 6 months.  Session 1:...